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    I want to take a moment to spell out exactly why YOU should be using IMAP, if you're not already and if it's a possibility for you.

    Simply stated, IMAP is a near-perfect design for the mobile user (or any user who logs into his email account from different machines - e.g. at home, at work, on the Treo, from a notebook, etc...) The idea is that EVERYTHING is stored on the server (of course, you can copy anything locally), so that your Inbox (and other folders) look THE SAME EVERYWHERE you access them. No more deleting messages in three different places, no more frustration with the fact that message X is at home, but you need it at the office...

    Having said that, I want to tell you where Chatter fits in. (It's a shameless promotion, but hey ... all $ are going to costs and charity.)

    Chatter is NOT a "heavy" (i.e. full-fledged) IMAP client. What it DOES do, however, is have all new mail (going to your Inbox) PUSHed directly to your Treo, where you can 1) know it exists, 2) read a few hundred lines of it, and 3) reply to it (from Chatter or your other favored email client).

    It's this KNOWING RIGHT AWAY that makes it so darned useful, in my humble opinion (and why integrating IMAP and IM is such a natural thing - it's all about getting messages FAST.) No need to have scheduled polling of your email (via SnapperMail or TreoMail) tying up your Treo. What's more, all of Chatter's email discovery and loading is done BEHIND YOUR BACK (meaning that it doesn't interrupt your other Treo use), and eMail alerts are provided whether you are inside Chatter or not, and whether the Treo is asleep or not.

    And with the latest Beta release (1.0.4b14), you can even have message deletions propagate back to the IMAP server (as an option). [Note: Beta releases aren't for everyone.]

    Perhaps best of all, getting IMAP email is easy. Possibly you have it already as an option (most people don't realize it). And if you don't, you can get a FREE IMAP account at (my preferred IMAP vendor) which you can use to "play around". (If you want lots of storage space or if you want to use their SMTP service, there is a very reasonable yearly charge.)

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    In theory, IMAP supports the following benefits (in addition to 'push' email as Marc described):
    • Deletes on the server sync to your Palm
    • All folders on the server available on your Palm, and visa versa
    • Messages sent via your Palm appear in Sent Items on the server, and visa versa
    • Messages moved to other folders on the Palm also get moved on the server, and visa versa
    • Shared folders, used to share stuff with colleagues, PA, etc, also viewable on the Palm
    • Names and sizes of all attachments can be seen on the Palm without downloading the whole message
    • Just one attachment can be downloaded with downloading whole message
    • Just body can be downloaded without downloading any attachments
    Unfortunately no Palm OS IMAP client supports all these features yet, but Versamail is getting close (although it uses very inefficient IMAP commands, so it's much slower than it should be)...

    Hey Marc, maybe Chatter can do some of these things (e.g. use the Sent Items folder on the server to store sent messages, show a list of the names and sizes of any attachments, allow folders other than inbox to be polled - particularly useful if you use server-side rules to move some messages to other folders...)?
    Jeremy Howard
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    Hi, Jeremy.

    The first on your list was just implemented in Chatter, although backwards... Deletions on your Palm sync to the server...

    Your #2 and #3 items (folders and "sent items') are actually on my list, if there's enough interest.

    The others seem better suited for a heavier client, as you suggest.

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    Syncing deletions from server to Palm would also be nice (but the new functionality you added to the beta is really great anyway!)

    Showing a list of attachment names and sizes is real easy. You can request all message bodies (trucated as required) plus MIME structure with just one round-trip to the server! Being able to download them is something for a fat client, but just listing their names/sizes is useful for a thin client...
    Jeremy Howard
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    What's the url for chatter?
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