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    Can anyone help. I can beam docs and jpgs into my treo from xp infrared, but cant do it the other way around. i keep getting an error message that stops the xfer and says that an unknown problem occured. i dont even have xp ask if i want to accept the file, as i have that automatically to receive. even if i uncheck it, i get the same error message.

    i can synch the files by using the long hot synch process (that works via IR no problem). any ideas?
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    I'll give it a shot form my Treo to my laptop later and see how that works.
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    what app are you using to beam the jpg or doc? are they in ram or on the card?

    if i all fails try a file manager like myWorkbench at
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    I am beaming them from mutliple aps.. from trying my business card from the phone; to using word/excel/jpg files from documents to go and also from beaming generic jpgs from the camera. so i dont think that is it.. they are being beamed from ram and not the card...
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    hmmm... does it work if you beam to another Palm or PocketPC?
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    I will know tomorrow when i test to a friends. i dont have anything else here with IR other than my laptop. my guess is yes. dont forget, i am able to make the full connection and beam EVERYTHING over when i go through my hotsynch. so it does xfer. just cant seem to do it without a hot synch.
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    I have found that I can do some limited beaming from Win2k box to my Treo 600 but not vice versa. This is serendipity rather than something the 600 is meant to do. The beam function is meant to work between Palm os devices.

    That said I have successfully beamed images to many camera phones and vice versa.

    Anyone with more knowledge than I want to explain the different IR modes? IrDA, SIR etc.
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    Have you guys tried using BeamPro to send files via IR to your computer? I don't have an IR capable laptop, so I haven't tired this myself. But the app is shareware and worth a shot...
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    Thanks all. still no luck. it just isnt a big deal i guess (but since when does that stop us).. i downloaded the software and have the same problem. it does say it is meant to beam to pcs, but maybe xp doesnt allow it. i did see some people who said they could, so unless anyone has any other ideas, i may have to abort and just hot synch.

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