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    There are several threads discussing the problem that many are having with a bad echo heard by the person at the other end of the connection (while that person can barley hear you, the Treo user) when Speaker Phone is used.

    I have it on my brand new AT&T Treo 600 (GSM).

    Has anyone had any solid news about a potential fix for this problem?

    -- Rich
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    1. Don't cup the Treo in your hand while in speakerphone mode. This funnels sound into the mic from the rear speaker. Put it down on a surface.

    2. When you are in speakerphone mode, you get least echo when the phone is face down on a table.

    Also turn down the volume a little on the speakerphone.

    Echo/feedback is caused by sound funneling thru the mic from the rear speaker and getting re-amplified with a slight delay. This effect tends to increase itself until you hear a squeal. All you have to do is make it less likely that sound from the speaker reaches the mic.
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    The speakerphone the poster is speaking about is different. The speakerphone is completely unusable in any condition. Lowest volume, soft surface, etc.

    There is supposed to be a ROM update by the end of january that we will be able to download and install on our phones.h
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    Has anyone tried using the fix for the GSM car kit? I'm sure I read that the purpose of this is to reduce echo when using the kit? Does it help with the speakerphone at all?

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