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    I've installed the G2 screen protector, and all-in-all, I'm very pleased.

    With the screen on, it truly appears that there is nothing there.

    My only question/issue/problem is this - with the screen off, I notice what I can only describe as an "oil on water" look, i.e., wavy color lines in circles and other shapes on the screen (the colors are sort of pink and sort of green)...anyone else notice this? Is it a problem? (meaning is the G2 adhereing to the screen?).

    I like the G2 better than the Boxwave since it covers the entire screen - the Boxwave protectors are so thick that the "seam" is really visible...
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    I noticed that recently as well. With the screen off and at just the right angle, it's noticeable. It's not noticeable when the screen is on at all unless you hold the phone at an extreme about a 90 degree angle laying flat in my hand I'd say and with just the right light reflecting off of it.

    I don't see it as a problem or drawback whatsoever.
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    I sent the G2 people an email on this question - here is their quick and reasonable reply:

    Hi West,

    Thanks for your inquiry and recent order.

    The oil on water effect is a phenomenon known as "Newton's rings", and is
    quite natural. They occur whenever glass and plastic film surfaces meet. The
    light interacts with the surfaces and refracts to reveal light, pink-ish,
    concentric rings that scatter and dance when the surfaces move.

    The interesting thing about them it that you really only see them when
    you're looking for them. Very similar to the fine horizontal lines on your
    TV screen - when you look at them, they are quite visible - but when you're
    watching the show, they seem to disappear.

    For more on Newton's Rings, see:

    Please don't hesitate to contact us with any further question/comment.

    Best Regards,

    John Salazar
    PDA Screen
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    I haven't experienced that yet.

    However, I did noticed that the screen seems to be slightly less sensitive when using the stylus. Not enough for me to change. I really like it and it is virtually invisible. I think it'll last a long time.
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    This is all great info to hear from actual users.
    My G2 should be here tomorrow, along wth my T6

    I think company owners should really visit these forums sometime.
    I'm sure they get allot of "word of mouth" business from forums like this.

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