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    Has anyone else attempted to use and then delete TextPlus from a T600? Personally it's overkill for me, and when I found Textras as a replacement for correcthack I tried to delete the Textras demo. It would not go away. I finally deleted it with a resource editor and the "program" deleted, but there is a TextPlus database there that will not delete no matter how many times I try.

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    I just purchased Textras and I think it will work out better for me, but I have also tried to delete a version of TextPlus from my 600 and have been unable to do so.
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    Using FileZ or Uninstall Manager, it deletes fine, but you need to first disable it. The TextPlus _a68k file is nother matter. You can uninstall that one from Uninstall Manager, using the "delete a6kk files" (from the main menu), or, if right after trying to delete it on its own you then soft reset, it will then delete from FileZ.

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