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    I want to get a portable keyboard to use with my T600. The question for me is whether to get the Palm wireless keyboard or the Treo keyboard. As I understand it from reading posts on this site, the big plus of getting the Palm wireless keyboard is that I could use it with future Palm/Treo devices. The downside is that the palm wireless keyboard doesn't have the capabilities to use the five way navigation.

    My big question is whether the Treo portable keyboard has the capabilities to use the five way navigation. I want to be able to navigate through screens using the portable keyboard (as opposed to using the five way navigation on the Treo itself). Does anyone who has a Treo portable keyboard know if you can do this?
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    I have the Handspring Portable Keyboard and I love it. It's actually made by Belkin (Belkin's name isn't on it anywhere, but the model number matches Belkin's G-700 Series of keyboards that they make for Clies and Tungstens, etc.).

    I think the Palm Wireless keyboard is smaller when folded but I wasn't interested. The HS keyboard has 5 rows of keys instead of 4 which means that you have function/number keys and arrow keys. The arrow keys do control the focus of the 5-way DPad and there's a keyboard button marked "Center" that imitates physically pressing the center DPad button.

    The built in function key lets you open up other apps and turn off the screen. There's also a "Home" (Applications) button and a Find button. Hope this helps.
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    That's what I needed to know. I'll order one tomorrow.
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    The Handspring model worls great.

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    I bought the Targus Universal Wireless Keyboard. Only $79.99 and in stock at Best Buy. Now, I get the thing home, and it works perfectly in Docs to Go and all the non-radio applications, but there's a problem when I try to use it to surf the soon as the Treo starts transmitting, it goes crazy...starts switching applications, beeping, typing in random characters.

    My first thought is that the radio is somehow transmitting signals that are being picked up by the IR port. Is this possible?
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    I have the Treo keyboard I like it work great. I also have the Car Kit installed in my Escalade and it work great it will even interface with the on star system and mute the radio and CD when I make or receive a call. With the Keyboard and Car kit software installed on the Treo the Car kit dose not receive a signal from the Treo and will not work. Uninstall the Keyboard Software and everything work great with the Car Kit. The Keyboard will work with the Car Kit installed. Dose anyone have any ideas?
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    In this thread I've heard of 4 IR keyboards and would love to hear MORE info.

    I bought the Belkins F8U1500 at Best Buy and it didn't work at all. Belkins was not at ALL helpful.....tho I did figure out by myself that the driver that comes with the keyboard is NOT the one needed for the Treo 600...since it's not for OS5. I downloaded the current driver from the Belkins site and it installed and I got past the error messages on the PDA applet but the keyboard still didn't do anything.

    I returned the Belkins to Best Buy and took the Targus Wireless keyboard mentioned in this thread. At least it works, but I'm disappointed that the "mouse" doesn't work in most apps. Fortunately it works in Quick Word, and in composing messages in SnapperMail. But the "Confirm" button does not work even when DONE or CANCEL are already highlighted. And the "Mouse" menu in the PDA app does not even show up...maybe they removed it for the OS5 driver version. In short it's not a complete cursor replacement. (BTW I have NOT had the problem Polsciphd has with his.) But I will likely just hobble along with it......UNLESS....

    Some of you mention the Handspring keyboard is perfectf. But not only is it $30 more it SEEMS it's only compatible with Treo 600s. I already threw away a keyboard I bought for an old Palm IIIC and hate to buy another one that works only for one PDA. But if the Handspring cursor control really works exactly like the cursor key on the phone it might be worth it.

    Any further input?

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