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    I downloaded a midi directly from website - got warning "too large for ringtone, accept anyway" and I did...however, I cannot find it using T600 "info" or "delete" function, nor Filez - but Botzam Midi Player can see it - but cannot play it.

    1) Why?
    2) How can I either fix or delete this midi?

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    Dear charliec,

    Where is the MID file? Can you supply the URL for the file?

    There may be multiple issues here, but I would check to see if it has a .mid extension. Some files I have seen have a .midi extension and I do not know if the Treo will recognize them.

    Dave Lindberg
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    I can't remeber where, but I've read something about a ringtone's maximum size being 64 kb. Could that be it?

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