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    Hey everyone!

    I have just received my Treo 600 and downloaded Mail Courier to sync with Entourage on my Mac. I was able to sync my calendar and contact info successfully but I wanted a better email program so I bought the Premium Edition of Snappermail and proceeded to download but the document is in zip format. I have Stuffit Expander on my Mac but when I download Snappermail I get a file that says, ""...there is no installer or download file. Help please...I would like to activate my email thru my Treo as soon as possible. Thanks.

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    go to and get "OpenUp" it is a great .zip file handler for all us OSX users.
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    Hey Bsarkis!

    Thanks for the input. I tried it but i got an Open Up DMG icon. After this, I downloaded the Snappermail file again and got a document with four-arrows -around-it icon which when double clicked, says it's been successfully compressed. I synced with my Treo 600 but it didn't pick up Snappermail. FYI, there was no installer icon for snappermail when, i'm so confused. Could you let me know step by step how to successfully download snappermail. Anyone, please advise. Thanks.

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    Sorry dude, but I am overseas away from my Mac, and I can't remember what the app is called I use to open zip files.

    But from memory, I just log into the Snappermail member site (or what ever it's called) and download the latest update. Then I open up the zip file, extract the files I need into a folder or on the desktop (or all of them so you can read and decide which ones you want to install) Then I just double click on the appropriate files or drag the ones I want into Palm Installer and hotsync.

    I thought that was pretty straight forward, but I guess I am missing the point. Can't the built in "Stuffit" and "Unstuffit" open up your zip file also? I used to find I had to drag it on "Unstuffit" for it to open things up properly.

    Sorry if I wasted your time with the obvious and totally missed the point.
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    the newest versions of Stuffit open .zip files. you can't always invoke Stuffit by just double clicking on the file you want to extract. sometimes you need to drag the stuffed or zipped file over the Stuffit icon. this should work, if not, you need to contact Snappermail support and have them send you the un-stuffed file.
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    Randyg is correct. Find your Stuffit application and create a shortcut to it on your desktop. Then drag the zip file over it. Honestly, I have been on macs since OS7, and I don't remember EVER having to use a decompression program besides Stuffit.
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    Hey guys...thanks for all your input. I have the zip file on my desktop and have used "Open Up" to have a folder with the snappermail files (they are in a graphic converter icon mode...I guess they've been decompressed). do I take the file I need and download it in Palm Installer? I cant seem to find the Palm Installer...I did a search. Man, I'm still having issues...please help. Thanks.

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    Try just double clicking on the actual Palm application, and it should be put directly into the Installer.

    Otherwise you can open Open Palm Desktop and go through the menus - one of them will take you to the Installer (I think it's under the "view" one)

    You can also go to "Document" and then "Palm" folder and find the "Hotsync" icon which should lead you to the hotsync options.

    If I was at my Mac I could check all these things out for sure, but I'm not, and Installing has become somewhat of an automatic process for me, that I kinda forget exactly what I actually do!

    The first one should be enough, and then you can drag into the Installer what ever else you want to put on (or also double click - but I think database files you need to drag in)

    Good luck!
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    Thanks, I was able to download Snappermail by going to the Palm Desktop icon and finding installer...but since I had Mail Courier (from Lig.), it seems that that is the default to receive my email and I want Snappermail to be it. Also, I don't see a Snappermail icon on my Treo menu. I have received the emails in my inbox but like i said before, it's under LigMail. You have been great...I look forward to your response.

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    Snappermail should be in "Unfiled" under your application catagories.

    To change your default email app - go to your "preferences" find "Default apps" and for "email" select Snappermail.


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