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    The camera isn't that important, but the screen would be nice. But at the moment I earn and not $, and I'm reluctant to send my Treo away in the land of let alone a great big journey to the land of $.

    Do you do home visits?
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    "mgauss" has decided to write another paper for a medical journal, this time titled "Geek Reaction To Improbable Events" - a psychological study.
    In truth, "mgauss'" paper is titled "SeldomVisitor's Reaction to Geek Reactions To Improbable Events" - a viciously circular study.

    /Just having some fun.

    Seriously though, "mgauss," is this for real? If so, I'm in for sure. Could you possibly add Bluetooth to the mix? I'd pay extra for it.

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    I'd be willing to bet this is a huge hoax, I'm in electrical engineering and the NRE engineering costs for a small scale upgrade like this would be huge. And the downsides would be many

    * Void the warranty from handspring instantly

    * twice the screen resolution is 4 times the power draw

    * nobody makes a 320x 320 screen that fits in the same footprint as the current screen so they will cost a fortune to build

    * What about EMI? You're talking about a radio device with FCC approval, isn't it technically illegal to hack it without repeating FCC compliance? What happens when everyone's phone reception goes to crap because the new screen generates tons of electrical noise at 1900 MHz?

    By the time you did your engineering and got it to market, PalmOne will have the next generation on the market. And who will buy a hacked old gen for more money than a factory warranteed new gen?

    Call me suspicious.

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    $400 just to play Xcade? I will have to wait on that...
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    Our research and development team have been working night and day to put together an exclusive upgrade for TreoCentral users only. Act Now! It won't last long!!!

    The Treo "700XL" package features a high resolution screen, a 10GB SD card preloaded with the full 30 minute version of the Paris Hilton sex video (a $39.95 value) and GET THIS - the Treo 700XL upgrade package features a ******* attachment!! That is right! Just attach out patent pending ******* attachment to your Treo, fire up the included Paris Hilton video and before you know it, you won't care that you can't get a date because all the women think you are a nerd because you talk constantly about your Treo and hang out on all the time!

    All this for only $99.95!!!

    ACT NOW !!!!!
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    Send a review unit to the folks at TreoCentral. I am worried about how standard applications, such as the Pictures app, will handle more pixels and a better camera. How will you control the flash?

    Convince me and you will get my Treo along with the cash.

    P.S. Why not put bluetooth in it while you are at it?
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    Originally posted by crabkilla
    before you know it, you won't care that you can't get a date because all the women think you are a nerd because you talk constantly about your Treo and hang out on all the time!
    you can't get a date either?
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    Originally posted by abendx

    you can't get a date either?
    That's why you get married, then become an ubergeek. They're good for supporting new technology buys in exchange for marital bliss.
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    or at least for a bigger diamond
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    drop it to 200 and i will go for it. that shouldn't be too hard considering entire palms with the same 2 features can be had for only 300
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    I would gladly pay $400, with a warranty of sorts, and a review from Treo Central.

    Also, with no loss of functionality of the phone. Everything must work as it does now, plus the added benefit of the higher res screen and camera. Better be a good camera, and not just a higher res Piece of crap treo cam.
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    Originally posted by mgauss
    Our electrical engineering department has decided to offer...
    That's my favorite part.
    LED Flash
    That's my second. I am sure an "LED Flash" is an ugly guy named Led who will flash you so you can take his picture with the new camera).
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    Seems like a swamp sale pitch to me! Say it is possible...all of usTC folks (incl our most critical visitors-you guys know who you are) will need detailed evals of this. Many of the legitmate geek gadget review organizations will have to say its valid for me to even think about it. Will also need device protection deal, a lower price tag and beachside property near one of the craters on Mars
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    How about just the 320x320 and a warranty/insurance option
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    Quite frankly, I wish this damn thing never had a camera...

    The screen upgrade would be nice, but I just cant justify spending $800 total on a device that I may lose intense intrest in later.

    You better drop down the price and show us some results.
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    this has gotta be fake.

    its would be very expensive to "upgrade" these things. that means taking them all apart and reassmebling them with the new parts.

    what would make more sense is send in your treo 600 without hi-rez and good camera, and they send you a new treo 600 with those features.

    althought $400 is a ripoff, no one is gonna do that. we just paid that for the phone
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    Forget this screen / camera update dude - I wanna 700XL, that thing sounds *****in' - He he!

    Got any pics?
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    This isn't fake...
    IT'S MEAN!!!
    How many people just read through the whole 2 pages hoping for truth at the other end. He made it seem serious 100%. He should get banned for life. And yeah, the LED flash was the thing that made me angry too. Man, JUST MEAN!
    You touch me, I cut you.
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    throw in a .amr voice recorder too and I'm in
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    It's Fake!!! Because if not, why hasn't mgauss responded to all of these replys? When TreoCentral gets a review unit, I'll bite.
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