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    I apologize if this thread has already been discussed. I've had aproblem finding it specifically.

    Can anyone help find RINGTONES and not songs. I'v been looking for ringers that do not play music but rather tones/beeps or pleasant sounds like "Triangle", "Echo", "Loud Flute" or "Swoosh".

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    Work your way down to Normal (ish) ringtones. There's a few. If anyone posts more, I'll incorporate them as well.

    Please Note! The easiest way to get these tones into your phone is as follows: Email yourself the link by sending it in the body of a message to or whatever your phone's email address is, when your phone gets the messages, click on the hyperlink. Navigate and choose what tone you'd like. Save it and name it what you'd like--then it's inside your ringtone database. Go into the prefs and sounds and set these to your ringers.
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    I want the sound of a 1970's standard telephone ring.
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    Cripes! I wasn't even three when the decade was ending. I won't be any help!
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    Originally posted by AbortRetryFail?

    I want the sound of a 1970's standard telephone ring.
    Like on the SE Phones?
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    Hey hocus, I like those "normal-ish ringtones"! One very stupid question--I mean VERY stupid--how do I get them onto my Treo?


    -Steve the newbie.
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    The best advice a newbie can get is to learn how to search the forums. You're in good shape that you found this forum, since it's a wealth of information, but for this forum (and any other, for that matter) searching first will always be helpful.

    I did a search with the following parameters:

    "how do I" ringtones (note: items within quotes causes a search for that exact phrase, while unquoted words cause a search for threads that use that word anywhere within the thread)

    I got these results:

    Peruse those posts, and you'll learn what you need to know.

    Also, has a nice FAQ.

    Hope that helps.
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    Originally posted by thegasguru
    Also, has a nice FAQ.
    As well as a bunch of "normal" ringtones. Just go to the site using your Treo and they can be downloaded directly to your phone.
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    Thanks for all the helpful advice, both on how to install ringtones and on forum etiquette.

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    Can someone make a normal ringtone (I like Ring03 on this list, for instance) that doesn't ring too "fast" -- too many rings without a break. Usually I hear it on the first ring, but can't answer until the third because it's so fast -- and that can be disruptive and loud. I'd like one ring, then a pause... then maybe two more rings, etc.

    Anyone know of one or is good at editing these things?
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    for a discussion on editing. Short answer? Anvil Studio.

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