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    Has anyone been using the external collapseable keyboard for the T600? Any concerns or problems or praise?
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    Search the Accessories forum. There's been tons of disussion on this. I personally have been using the Palm Wireless keyboard and it works great, but others prefer the Treo600 keyboard from Handspring...YMMV...
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    I find that if I activate the wireless keyboard driver, my t600 will sometimes crash if I'm going through a few preference screens. Am I the only one seeing this?
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    I have also been using the Palm Wireless Keyboard, and it's been working great. I am really happy with the both of them.

    Though yesterday Doc To Go flipped, and my Treo reset itself and of course the data file became corrupted. Luckily I had just started and it was no biggie. But is this something I should expect often? Any ideas?

    It has worked fantastically with Snappermail and Memo though. I mainly use it for emailing, so I'm a happy chappy.
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    I'm using the Treo portable keyboard pretty extensively. Works well for me. I used it for about 6 hours taking notes during consulting interviews last week - at one point it stopped responding - I went in and disabled and reenabled the driver, and all was well. Have seen no other flaky behavior. Using it with memos and Docs to Go - native MS Word on SD card - saving often just in case.

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    my handspring direct connect stops responding too oten. very frustrating
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    Thanks for the feedback. I did try the accessories board, but it doesn't get the traffic this board does so I posted here.

    I bought a keyboard from eBay and it seems to work ok, but I have other issues with my T600 and am awaiting a replacement from Sprint to try and get some normalcy back to my Treo and software.
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    hey, just noticed your from grand junction. i am from colorado springs but my brother lives in junction. he thinks i am crazy for spending 400 dollars on this phone and then spending all my time on these forums. glad to see not everyone in junction shares his views
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    Yo lovedatreo,

    It's just that some people just don't get it. I upgraded from a Clie T615 + mobile to the Treo 600 and my girlfriend thinks I have just bought the same thing AGAIN! "Why do you need ANOTHER one?" - she asks me... Though she is happy with her new Clie T615 and Sony Ericsson T68i

    You just gotta come here to... to... talk about it to like minded people I suppose. Plus you find out about even MORE cool stuff your Treo can do. Like from today onwards I can wake up with MP3's playing using an app called "LookAtMe" I found out about today - and it's free. How cool is that?!
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    Yep, there are at least two of us Treo bone heads over here in GJ.

    I agree also with the "why are you buying another one comment". Some people just don't get technology and I think that the Treo600 is about as close to current portable tech nirvana as you can get!
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    this thing rocks, i dont know how i ever got along without it. the treo is now my ONLY phone for outgoing calls, my complete digital calendar and assignment tracker, my stereo, my alarm clock, my gameboy. it certainly makes travel alot lighter.
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    I am listening to MP3s - checked my email via Snappermail, and I am now replying to posts on this board on my Treo. This is a dream come true. Actual portability. I am very satisfied indeed!

    Just wanted to share with you the real life potential of this machine... As if you didn't already know...

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