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    Has anyone experienced the problem on the Treo 600 of an Echo when using the speaker ? I and my brother who both have the 600 have the same problem and wondered if there may be a fix to the problem ? Thanks, from Perth, Western Australia
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    Yes its a big problem. Myself and several friends have T600 the caller always gets an echo when calling a Treo600 in hands free mode.

    In normal conditions you can use the phone in a handsfree mode without pressing the option.

    I think Handspring have set the microphone sensitivity to high.
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    yes, I had a treo 180 for 2 years with same carrier, cingular, and no echo, had echo since I got my 600. big problem
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    not to mention speaker calls, it echos even when I talk loud on hand-mode.
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    I had this problem on 2 replacements I had from Handspring. The 3rd replacement solved the problem. The echo is still there for only about 5 seconds of the person speaking and then dissapears.

    You can search the board to find my thread about it.

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