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    I've noticed that my display is not centered on my screen. It is off to the left as far as it can be without being off the screen. It doesn't affect anything, just wondering if this is just an isolated displacement or a common occurance with other treo 600 owners.
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    It is alway best to search before posting. This has been covered to death on these boards. It is also covered on the Handspring support pages.
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    The answer is basically don't worry about cuz everyone's screen is off centered....
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    Thanks for the info.
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    I'll save you your search.

    My Treo 600 Screen is not centered! Is this normal?

    Yes. In order to accommodate the backlights Handspring designed the screen so sit slightly more to the left in order to accommodate the lights along the right hand side. You can see these lights if you look at the seam along the right edge of the screen - there are four lights
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    OMG it's beginning to work - people are finally realizing the power of the FAQ!

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