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    Just received notice from Blue Nomad :


    What's new:
    - Support for OS 5 devices.
    - Tungsten T3 collapsible graffiti support.
    - Tungsten T3 portrait & landscape support.
    - Updated Graphics and User Interface.
    - Armlet for Encryption.
    - Miscellaneous enhancements.

    (It doesn't not seem to get by the keyguard issue on the Treo 600)
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    One big problem. If you read the FAQs it does not work with keyguard on the Treo 600 .....
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    Tested the registered version (2.1) on my Treo 600. There are still compatibility issues:

    1. Error backing up my SMS messages.
    I get the following error while backing up:

    " Transfer
    Unable to transfer SMS Messages DM (0x0001).

    2. Doesn't back up all files.
    I have 347 files on my RAM (excluding the a68k files). BBVFS will back up only 342 files. Apart from the BBVFS-related files (there are 3 as far as I can tell), what other files are excluded from the start?

    3. Tends to "miss" certain files on subsequent backups.
    From 342 -> 305 -> 341 -> 342 -> 334 -> 342. I have to constantly check how many files were backed up. This is not an ideal situation.

    I'm sticking with BackupMan for now.

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