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    aileron personal access email program looks very, very good.
    bidirectional function, and can handle msn hotmail, yahoo, and aol accounts!

    i use snappermail right now, and love the fact that it logs onto the web links included in the email.
    does aileron enable you to do this? if not, that would cancel it out for me. but if it does, than it`s a tantalizing possibility.

    what does everyone think? i know there have been threads comparing the best email applicaton for the treo is. i just wonder what everyones thoughts are on this particular email program.
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    Just tried aileron and DON'T like it. First, it's not very user friendly, there is a slight learning curve to figure it out. Second, when i try to open an attachment it soft resets the T600. So i'm still looking. If Snappermail would get AOL mail it would be the perfect app in my opinion!
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