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    Attention all you thumb-twiddling palm programmers looking for a worthwhile development project...

    I need a simple program that does nothing but issue a "disconnect" for the current GPRS connection. I need this because the email client I'm currently using doesn't gracefully handle "hung" GPRS connections (when the phone thinks it's still connected but the network doesn't) - currently, after it errors, I have to go to prefs/network to disconnect, or power cycle the phone. Then it reconnects as it should the next time around. I'd love to be able to map a key/button to "disconnect"...

    I can't change clients - a corporate standard thing - and I'm trying to get the offending app fixed, but don't control that either.

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    I have had that happen in other apps as well. Treo300SMS did that frequently when I had the 300. It was very annoying. It also happened randomly and still does now and then on my 600. Based on my experience and what I've read on the thread in the other forum about using wireless data on Sprint the problem doesn't seem to be the application necessarily. The wireless connection works fine so long as I am actively using it. The other thread says that wireless connections time out after 1-2 minutes if you let them idle.

    So what we really need is a keepalive program that runs ON THE PHONE to keep the data connection open. Then the apps will continue to function and users connecting to the internet through the phone won't need to run a continuous ping through their uplink. Anyone?
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    NetConnectDA (, in conjunction with a desk-accessory launcher like the one included in McPhling ( will pop up a simple dialog box allowing you to connect or disconnect.

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