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    Based on what other's are saying about battery life, I think I have a bum battery.

    At the end of everyday, my battery meter is around ~25% and I only make a few short calls, surf the internet for 20 mins, and chat for about 15mins. I charge it every night but it never gets to a 100%, only around 98-99%.

    Since I bought from Handspring and use Sprint, I had to take my phone to be serviced by Sprint. They told me they couldn't test the battery since it was internal but they could test the phone to make sure the applications weren't drawing too much juice. As expected, it passed the test.

    Next they want me to swap out the charger because they said that it may not be charging properly. Does this sound right? It seems to me that since it does charge (just not completely) that the problem is hardware and not as simple as a bad charger.

    Anyway I wanted to get others opinions on whether or not this is could potentially be the problem or is Sprint just making me jump through hoops before they agree to replace my phone.

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    So, did you swap out the charger while you were there?
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    Of course I didn't bring it with me so I have to make another trip to their service center. I hadn't expected them to want to swap out the charger since the problem wasn't with the unit charging but with holding a charge.

    I'm planning on jumping through their hoops because I'd like to get this resolved but I was just trying to find out from those knowledgable with battery life if it truly could be the issue.

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