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    Hi All Cingular Treo users on T-Mo,

    I have been reading lots of threads on this issue and I am getting mixed signals from the threads. Some people say that T600 works fine on T-MO GPRS, others say that they can't connect at all except for over GSM.

    As I am already IMPATIENTLY waiting for my T600 to come in
    (placed order on Nov 21, still in Awaiting Shipment, and people who ordered later than me -- Nov 24, 26, etc. have already received their T600s -- can you believe this S#@T?), I am beginning to wonder whether my new Cingular T600 will work on the T-MO GPRS network. As I am planning to use it for only internet, e-mail and PDA, and that's why I only have the T-MO Unlimited Internet on my contract, I would really love to find out how the Cingular T600 works on the T-MO GPRS. I am sure that a lot of other people are probably curious as well.

    Please post your responses.
    Maybe we can get some sort of statistical analysis going here

    Thanks in advance.
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    I am using a CNGLR unlocked phone (upgrade) on T-Mobile and get a GPRS connection. I was nervous ordering the phone but apparently the instructions for accessing the network are on the SIM card. My suspicion is that this is the difference -- those who had a phone that accessed GPRS and then got the CNGLR phone have no trouble, while those that had a phone that couldn't or didn't (e.g. a 270 before the firmware upgrade) don't have the appropriate network connections on their SIM card.

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