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    Anybody else having problems sending SMS using SPRINTPCS? I had treoSMS on my 300 and moved everything over on the new 600 - but I am getting this mesg when trying to send out an SMS:

    Message Not Delivered

    This Service will be available soon. You will receive a text mesg when it is ready.....

    Please help!
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    Do a search for sms and you shall find what your looking for.
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    I WANT SMS!!! It's truly annoying using mail, having to send/receive just to get/reply to send messages.
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    You need to get treo600SMS if you want to use SMS through that method on sprint. Currently Sprint only offers the "short mail" facsimile to SMS and until they get MO-SMS up and running that's what we have. treo600SMS creates an interface that uses sprint's short mail and hooks it into the SMS app on the Treo 600.

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