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    I have been doing this with my work number for some time. I figured this out by accident back in November.

    I always have my work voicemail emailed to me so that I don't have to check it to see if there is a message. Another advantage is that I have an exact record of what was said/assigned/etc so that I can attach it to a task in Outlook and go back to the voicemail when the time comes for the task. Another advantage is to send it back when someone says they told you something they did not. A good CYA move.
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    So you guys can click on a .wav attachment in snappermail, and then save it to the sd card? when I receive an attachment using hs mail, I can't do anything with it if the extension isn't registered already... ie, if a particular filetype is not downloadable thru blazer, it cannot be handled as a mail attachment either. Media Manager allows me to register any filetype, but without that, wav attachments are useless with HS Mail and wav downloads are useless with Blazer.

    Does Snapper have this functionalitt built in?
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