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    I am writing this post to give back to the community that has genererously helped others. There have been some great posts on this board that have helped me learn new tricks/tips/etc. Hopefully, my anecdote will help people make their decisions.

    The Good
    After using the T600 for a week, I am loving the convergence of the phone/email/web/contacts/etc in one device. The form factor is reasonable and I can continue to see innovation from Hawkins and company. My wife and I are really enjoying the capabilities of the device.

    The Bad
    After hearing stories about people dropping the T600, I am scared to drop it! Some people have been lucky, however, I've read many stories of people with bad speakerphones/mikes after dropping the unit a few feet. I am use to using my old phone where I could drop it on the sidewalk and not worry that it will break. It would be nice if Handspring was able to create a more robust device. Hopefully the T600 will not have as many issues as the predecessor treos.

    The Ugly
    I myself like some people on this board have had desperate situations in dealing with Handspring. I ordered 2 t600s for Sprint at the upgrade rate. One of them delivered within the 3 week window given. However, the other was rejected from my credit card company. After talking with my credit card company, they admitted it was their error. I called Handspring CS and explained the situation, and they told me that I would have to wait in line again! I did place my re-order and it was tentatively going to ship around Thanksgiving (about two months of waiting). In the mean time, the T600 that I received had a digitizer error that popped up after using the device as a PDA for about a week. The treo went in an infinite loop when trying to digitize. After doing all the resets and calling CS, they said it would have to be replaced with a new unit. They told me it would take 2-3 weeks to ship! In addition, if I wanted to RMA the device, it would be on my nickel. I can understand that I should pay for it if I didn't like the device. However, if they shipped me a defective unit, then, they should pay for their errors. Hence, after almost two months of waiting, I had 1 defective treo and 1 still waiting to be received. Fortunately, I then saw Amazon was having their special rebates, so I ordered a T600 on the Sunday before Tgiving and had it in my hands 2 days later. I went to the Sprint store, and after negotiating with them, they sent me to another Sprint store that had one in stock. The sprint store swapped out the defective unit for a new one, and I then activated the swapped out device and my Amazon Treo 600. My wife and I have been enjoying using our phones since.

    In Summary:
    1) Handspring is great at innovating
    2) Handspring's quality is not the best
    3) Handspring's Customer Service/Fulfillment/Store is PITIFUL. The limited processes that Handspring's outsourced fulfillment center uses is not customer friendly. I understand the product is in high demand with limited quantity. However, they should treat customers better than making them wait months hoping to get a phone that works. And if you get a defective unit, stand in line again buddy! (It reminds me of Seinfeld's Soup Nazi shows - NO TREO for You!) If you do get a phone that works, activate it ASAP, and make sure you get lockline. Therefore, if it is defective, you can get a replacement unit in 3 business days. (A reasonable time period - not 3 weeks)

    Have fun in your adventures...
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    I've dropped my T600 a dozen times and kicked it twice. Never had the slightest problem.

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    The good: After waiting for a long time for the next generation Treo, it's finally here!

    :| The bad: I ordered the Cingular version on the 3rd of November, just to realize on the 18th that the credit card I put it on was maxed out! I had to place a new order with a new card.

    The sad: My other card didn't authorize the charge! Had to call the bank/credit card company and found out it was their error. Had to replace the order. Ordered received: 12-03. So now Im a full month behind and no new Treo in sight!

    The ugly: My Treo 180 broke in half!
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    Originally posted by Treolento

    :| The bad: the credit card I put it on was maxed out! I had to place a new order with a new card.

    It sounds to me like you can't afford a Treo 600.

    It amazes me the number of people who will cut their own throat financially for the latest gadget. If you can't pay for it, don't buy it.

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    Unfortunately, I used the only one that's maxed out. What are the odds?

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