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    I searched for a thread on this and could not find one.

    I have a Sprint T600 with several apps on it (I love this device). When I want to find a contact by company name or by phone number, I use the FIND (option-shift) command.

    Each time I do this, though, the Treo spends about 30 seconds or more in the AOL 3.1 application databases (what is there is beyond me) before getting to the contacts database and giving me what I'm after. I have no need to search AOL or any of the other apps, and would like to save time in searches.

    Is there any way to focus FIND on just the built-in databases, or be able to exclude some (like AOL)?

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    Use FindHack, it allows you to choose exactly where to search as well as many other features.
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    Thanks, that solves my problem directly! I downloaded the trial version and it tests out well on the T600.
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    I believe that another solution is to make sure that the contacts are open when you pick Find. This way, the contacts database if the first one searched. I suspect that the database of the currently active application is always the first one searched.
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    The Rolls Royce of find apps also allows you to specify where to search. I love this application - it is like Google in your handheld.

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