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    Looking for ideas.

    I dropped my treo onto carpet & the screen has gone all funny.

    I investigated a repair but its not economically viable.

    So, I took the little chap apart & noticed that the ribbon connecting the screen had become loose. I tried to get the connector back in but it just did want to full seat into the slot (i tried very hard & was worried about breaking the little beastie)

    I saw a thread from LizB who had a similar problem but mine just does not want to connect.

    Help Needed. Thanks
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    This may help:
    There are two flex circuit connections from the display module/ keybaord PCB assembly to the main PCB . One for the keypad switches, one for the display. Each has a different style connector on the main PCB.

    The lower one is a flip lid type, self explanatory when you look at it. This is most likely the keypad to main PCB connection.

    The upper one is a "slide" type connector, the tricky one. On each end there are "L" like handles that you slide out both at the same time to release the flex circuit from the connector. Do not try and lift these as they will break. Pull ior slide them in the same plane as the flex exiting the connector.

    Re-assembly is same operation in reverse, however, a little tricky in that one flex will get assembled first and the length of the second one makes it difficult to get into the connector. A third hand would come in handy.

    I hope this helps

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    Thanks Gordon

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