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    i am of the 'size matters' school... how big is the screen compared to the 270?
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    smaller. not too noticable until you hold them side by side..then you realize how much real estate you lost by upgrading.
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    This was one of my chief concerns when deciding to upgrade. Looking back, the brightness of the screen and unit's battery performance completely outweigh the screen size difference.

    Hope that helps,
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    I too just got the T600, upgrading from a cell and a palm Vx.

    Screen size was a concern, but after using the t600 I am quite satisfied.
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    thanks for all your replies... i was very concerned about it but my fears are put aside..

    now I just need to get my mitts on one..

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    Actually the smaller screen size makes everything look better. It is the same resolution as the Treo 300 or 270 (160 x 160), but in a smaller screen things got tighter.

    It is almost the equivalent in edge fineness or smoothness as if the Treo 300 had 200 x 200...I am sure that is one of the things Handspring considered when keeping 160 x 160...I mean the screen looks good!

    Naturally when they upgrade it to 320 x 320 or 320 x something I am going to instantly upgrade regardless of the cost.
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    I have come from a Clie T615 HirRez 320x320 screen, and I am surprisingly content. It's much better than my old m505 I had before that!

    I do miss HiRez A LOT in Docs To Do - ESPECIALLY spreadsheets. I guess pics look a lot better also. But the tightness and brightness does a lot to relieve these problems.

    On the whole I am pleased.

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