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    Anyone know if it's possible to change the '5 min' snooze default that appears on the lower left corner of the Reminder screen for appointments that have an alarm/reminder setting? I'd like to change it to 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Thanks.
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    Nope, there's no way to do it. The full version of Datebk can do that and many other things though. Datebk5 is a nice program that is well supported although others here seem to prefer Agendus. I'd suggest trying both and seeing how you like them.
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    If you decide to trial DateBK5, do NOT install the public version. It does not support the Treoo 600. Use the most current public beta release here:

    This developer is updating this app with incredible diligence. At least one update per week. He's nailing every nook and cranny of the Treo 600 5-Way, etc., (and other recently released PDAs). Great support. I cannot imagine a better calendar app for the Treo 600, though may not want or need its vast possibilities. But... use what you want from it and forget the extras. Some of the Treo 600 fixes and updates are these:

    sG Update notes
    Treo600: Option/left and Option/Right now move back and forwards by one week in the day view

    Treo600: Insert pointer in Day View now moves off the event regardless of character position when Rocker-Up/Down are issued at the top/bottom line of the field.

    Treo600: Handles case of Rocker Right moving insert pointer into a collapsed field (where maximum number of lines was limited) and expands it.

    Treo600: Fixes problem with highlight bar in Date Picker when selecting by week

    Treo:600 Fixes problem on Treo600 of rocker dial not navigating in the Repeat Dialog.

    Treo600: Option/Rocker Center now toggles focus between main table and split-screen window, Option/Down goes directly to put focus on NEW button in Day View and Address Details view.

    Treo600: Added full navigation capability to DateBk5's Custom Date Picker and improved navigation to Day View (other views to follow in subsequent releases)

    Treo600: adds support for Flashing LED and Vibration on calendar alarms (Note: support for this feature is in DateBk5's Alarms Tab of the DateBk5 main preference panel).

    Treo600: Fixes problem of focus moving to advance field in ToDo details dialog when date is changed with left/right arrows.

    Treo600: Fixes problem in Details dialog of left/right arrows moving by 2 days, checkboxes not checking properly.
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    Thanks for the info. Actually, I have a VDx, and don't plan to upgrade anytime soon. In fact, I hate the idea of downloading software that is compatible with color displays -- I feel like I'm wasting precious memory space. Unavoidable hazard of remaining willfully behind the tech curve, I suppose... But I'll look into DB5 and Agendus... now if I can only get my Hot Sync to work...

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