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    With the problems that people are having with Blazer not downloading files because of no program associated with file type errors, doesn't it make since that someone could create a small app that was able to control what programs were associated with what file types? Or better yet allow non associated or unknown types to be saved to the Flash card... I know that there is another browser that can do this but I don't want to mess with a new browser! blazer works for me! It just seems that if a program can associate themselves with a file type such as word viewer then a program could control associations and trick blazer into accepting all files!

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    The application called ReceiveIT is very close to what is needed here.
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    After seeing Poryphyron comment about ReciveIt I decided to check it out! It doesn't currently fix the problem that I was ranting about but I emailed them to see if they would be able to add Blazer downloads to ReciveIt... I have never gotton a response faster!!! It only took about 15min!

    Here's what I said and what they wrote back! And yes I'm signed up to be a beta tester... Looks like a must have program!

    My Email:
    Department Application Ideas
    Comments: Please add a feature that will make ReciveIt work with Blazer (Web Browser) for the Treo 600... I thought it should but doesn't... I hate not being able to download mp3's with blazer! I need your program so I could just save them to my card! Thanks

    Yes, we have included this feature for the next release.
    Please let us know if you want to be a beta tester once it is available.

    Thank you
    EQUATTOR, Inc.

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