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    Hi all,
    I just purchased a treo 300 (ebay rocks!) and additionally purchased Sprint's wireless web plan.

    However I cannot figure out how to either setup network settings or pick the correct browser.

    Any ideas on how to surf the web using Sprint's plan?

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    The Treo (300) uses a Vision (3G) plan which does not use up your "minutes". I'm sticking with my Treo 300 as it really is a nice device to have. Welcome to the club!
    -- Bob
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    You need to have a Sprint plan that includes Vision. After that you just go to the applications, the Palm part of the phone, and use Blazer as your internet browser.
    Do a search on this site for favorite web sites. There are several great sites set up for the small screen.
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    Thanks all for your replies.

    However my problem is that I don't know HOW to set up my network connection.

    I do have sprint vision and am paying for this service but can't technically figure out how to use it.

    How do I find out my username and/or password? And do I set this up in prefs/Network?

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    You need to go to Preferences and click the option for 'Network' in there you will find your user name and password. The password may be assigned and if you don't know it or remember then call Sprint. But that's where your username and password are, as far as setting up the Web stuff I don't know.
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    There shouldnt be any real set up. Sprint downloads your info to the phone during "provisioning". You should then be able to automaticaly log onto the web.
    That being said, it took my phone a week before it was provisioned. Call Sprint at *2 and when Clair starts jabbering say "speak to a human", and get them to work on it. If the system works, you dont do anything to get started. Welcome to Sprint World.
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    Ok, now I know what 's wrong with buying a phone off ebay. All the username info was from the previous owner.

    I went in and mimicked the information (adjusting for my phone no. etc) but I still couldn't get on.

    Guess I have to call "Clair" at Sprint. I love broadcasting my ignorance to a voice activated system in a cubicle. Thanks for the "talk-to-a-human" tip. That'll help.

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    To expand on the previous posts, your best bet is to call Claire and say, "Vision Problems" to speak with a CSR. The CSR will most likely transfer you to Vision tech and they will tell you to make sure your wireless mode is on. At that point, they send the Sprint Provisioning info to your phone and that should be it.

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