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    I'm still trying to decide between Chatter and Verichat. Right now I'm doing a trial of both. Do any of you know how to set up the email for either one with my SprintPCS email address or my Business Connection application address? I like Verichats setup but I like Chatter's integration with the phone, I figure whichever one works best with one of the email programs I'll probably purchase that one. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Chatter does mail - incoming via IMAP push (with a compatible IMAP host) and outgoing via SMTP. Verichat doesn't really do email, but can link to a user-specified email client (e.g. SnapperMail). Also, Chatter's email functionality is asynchronous (i.e. goes on while you're doing other things), whereas other mail apps will send "While U Wait".

    To send using SMTP with Chatter, you fill out the SMTP Setup form with the host. If you want to send via Sprint, the settings would be: host =, your vision name, your vision password, and your return address. You can also specify as a BCC address and a reply-to address.

    Whether you can receive email via Chatter will depend on what host you are using (but Sprint doesn't have a compatible IMAP server).

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    I tried what you said for the smtp setup of the sprint email address and that didnt work. It keeps telling me that it has failed due to an error #555.
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    Why don't you shoot me an email so we can get this straightened out. Offhand, it's strange - I'm not aware that there IS an error #555 in the SMTP world!

    One more thing to try, btw... Check the "No Pipeline" checkbox in the SMTP Setup screen. Also, make sure that the login name and password are your VISION name and password.


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