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    Hey dudes!

    Any help here is GREATLY appreciated

    I'm trying to backup the data on my Treo to my computer....... but everytime I try to, the hotsync seems to give up right after isync is finished and does not continue

    so all my address book and calendar stuff gets in fine, but from there, nothing else happens

    any fixes? should I just reinstall the conduit?

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    Hi there,

    Kevin from palmOne here. Iím afraid I donít have enough information about your hotsync trouble to be able to tell you how to fix it. However, below are links to some great customer service pages that take you step by step through the hotsync troubleshooting process.

    Why can't I synchronize my handheld with my desktop computer?

    How can the HotSync log help me to troubleshoot HotSync problems?

    I hope that helps!

    Best wishes,
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    Kevin Michaels
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    I am using a G5 2Gig and OS X10.3 panther and I have had no problems at all with my isync and the treo 600

    I sync between that system at work and my 12' powerbook at home with no probs...

    There is still no official info on the subject of this but if you upgrade to panther and use isync i think you will find it will work..

    I have 3 other friends that all have the Treo 600 and are using Panther with no probs...

    I know there are a few bugs with 10.2.5-8 and handspring say they are working on this...

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