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    Hey all,

    The Treo 600 has really caught my eye. I have a few questions about web browsing. Using the supplied program can a person look at any website they want, does it behave like a real browser. can I type and have it display or is it merely just a program to view a few specialized sites like most phones?

    Also does the web use Wi-Fi or does it use the actual cellular network?

    thank you!
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    Blazer (the supplied browser) is a proper HTML browser, so, no, you are not limited to WAP sites, and can visit most websites. It does support JavaScript, so you can view sites using this as well. However, it does not (currently) support a lot of active content such as Flash, QuickTime etc. You would need other apps for these.

    You can type in a URL.

    There may be WiFi solutions available, but as far as I am aware (and have experienced), all browsing is done view the phone network, with either GPRS, or dial-up connections.

    Some people have reported problems viewing some websites, and some cookie issues, but I have not experienced these myself.
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    The web browser on the Treo 600 can display both WAP sites and regular HTML sites. So yes, you can go to and it will display it as best it can on the small screen. A very small percentage of sites I've visited don't work, though, for one reason or another, but if you have a particular site in mind, let me know and I'll see if it works on my Treo.

    As for the WiFi, there is no included WiFi support. As far as I know, an SD WiFi card will be available soon for PalmOS, but it may be many months down the road. So yes, all internet activity on the treo travels through the wireless carriers 3G cell network. On my sprint phone, I get about 60k using Vision. Apparently the other carriers, which use GRPS, have similar speeds.
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    Wow thanks for the speedy replies.

    Is your internet useage unlimited? How does that get billed.
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    Originally posted by goodspeed
    Wow thanks for the speedy replies.

    Is your internet useage unlimited? How does that get billed.
    I have Sprint and my data is "unlimited" whatever that means to Sprint. I have never had my Vision (data) cutoff, but then again I don't use it as a modem for my laptop ... I just use it with the 600.
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    Originally posted by goodspeed
    Wow thanks for the speedy replies.

    Is your internet useage unlimited? How does that get billed.
    I think it depends on your provider(s). I'm on Orange in the UK, and I pay 3 per month (I think) for 2Mb of GPRS data, after which I get charged extra. I get 300 minutes of free calls, but this does not cover calls to my ISP for dial-up connections, so I get charged for this. There may be ISPs to which calls get taken from inclusive minutes, but not mine.

    I don't think Orange provide an unlimited access package - at least not to non-business users - though I think their GPRS packages go up to 32Mb per month, which should be enough for most people. I think Sprint (and maybe others) in the US have an unlimited access (with the ubiquitous 'reasonable use' clause), but not being a US user, I would double check this.
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    I am merely 'bumping' here as my last post in this thread does not show up on the summary page - TreoCentral had some kind of database problem just as I hit the 'Submit' button.
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    With Sprint, if your plan is over $100, you get unlimited vision for free. I think it's a fantastic deal.
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    I would love to know if you've been able to make shopping purchases online with the Treo.

    I'm specifically interested in Priceline and Hotwire, and more generally Travelocity, Expedia, etc.

    Also curious about Amazon.

    If you could go through the motions of buying a hotel room *(without making the actual purchase, of course) I would love to know if you are successful.

    Thanks so much.
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    Many large commercial sites have specially formatted sections for phone and pda users. Travelocity and Amazon have this feature, and work well with the treo. I can't say for sure, but those other sites you mentioned probably work too.
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    I'll take another look but in my experience the wap version of Travelocity was unusable.

    it gave no information about discounted hotel rooms (the special travelocity pricing), and it was impossible to sort items by area or by price.

    I found the wap version useless, thus my interest in html.
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    Well, the travelocity HTML site works fine on the Treo. I went through the steps of booking a hotel, seemed to work ok.
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    rahul320, you've completely made my day.

    I've been trying to get the answer to that simple question on 3 bulletin boards and usenet for about a week.

    Thank you so much for checking.


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