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    Before to buy a TREO 600, I worked with a NOKIA 9210.

    One of the most wonderful option of Nokia is that if you don't remember the name or the number, you can type the company name or the town and the NOKIA gives you all the results that have that company or that town.
    More , if you have only a number , you can type it and the NOKIA gives you the name with no necessity to dial

    With TREO 600 I am not able to do this: the only search it does is through name or family name.
    If you type the number, you must dial it to understand if you just have the contact inside .

    Does anybody know how to use , with 600, the same search of NOKIA?
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    From the Contacts view of the phone app, press Opt-Shift (the shift button has a small magnifying glass on it). This starts the 'Find' mechanism. If you type a town or company or phone number (or anything else), it will list all the contacts that contain that information. Once it has exhausted the contacts, it will search other databases on the system. Selecting a found entry will take you to that entry (in whatever application is applicable [no pun intended]). If this happens to be a contact, you can press Done to step out to the contacts list and choose to dial from there.

    Note. If it is a contact you are looking for, make sure you go into Phone->Contacts first to ensure the contacts list is the first place searched - if you perform a Find from the Launcher app, for example, it will search in a different order, and you will have to 'Find more' many times to get to the contacts section.
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    Why do they make you hit opt-shift to get the find command? Isn't there a way to do it through the menus?
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    Thank you!
    It works very well.
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    Originally posted by jbley
    Why do they make you hit opt-shift to get the find command? Isn't there a way to do it through the menus?
    I don't know of a way of doing it from a menu. I suspect this is for historical reasons - most previous PalmOS devices had the graffiti area, with a Find icon that you could tap. Hence the applications did not really have a need for a Find menu option. The only practical way for Handspring to provide similar functionality was to provide a button to replace the icon. They could have made this a dedicated button (no Opt), but the keyboard is crowded enough as it is without having to add another button.

    It is possible to write a little application giving a Find menu option, but very difficult to hack a Find menu option into existing applications.

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