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    Blazer had the "missing cookies file" problem on my Treo. I reset, and resynced to get my files back. No problem.

    Now Blazer deals with cookies, but instead, when I hit the "www" button (to bring up the open url dialog) and hit the "m" key, modified or unmodified, the device resets.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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    ah, yes, but not when i type into forms on web pages, *only* at the open url dialog, and apparently not just "m", but most keys. hitting backspace to remove the highlighted text from the last url i visited does work. i assume this is somehow related to it trying to open some file which a hard reset removed or truncated.
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    On a hunch I deleted all the autofill, userdata, etc, for "web", and the problem went away.

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