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    I've had my T600 for almost a month now and about the second week (maybe less), it would spontaneously try to HotSync. Not connected to a charger or USB cable or nothing...just out of no where, try to HotSync. It doesn't let me cancel either...I have to wait for it to stop, then try again, sometimes up to 10 or times. Occasionally, I have to soft reset it to get any of the buttons to work.

    It will even try it when I'm on a call, but it doesn't interrupt the call interestingly enough.

    I have nothing outrageous installed (Agendus, yahdice, the Treo external keyboard software, TopSecret, Snapper Mail, Rt Backup).

    Anyone else having a similar problem or know how to fix this one? My local Sprint store doesn't have any 600's in stock to trade out for me so I'm at a loss. This happens only a few times a day at most...but is very disturbing. I even hard reset it and ran it with nothing for a few hours and had the same problem.

    Thanks for the input.
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    Come on Treo Central community...surely someone has some insight into my T600 issue???
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    Can't say I've seen it before, but it sounds like a hardware problem to me - the device is being fooled into thinking that the hotsync button has been pressed. I would probably contact Handspring first to see if they've experienced this, and then see about getting it replaced, if this is an option for you.
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    Thanks for the response. It is perplexing, and I have talked with Handspring support (who passed me off to Sprint) who said they are unaware of what it might be. I did finally get some action today and will get the unit replaced hopefully soon.
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