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    So I got all excited for a split second... Just received an e-mail from pa1mOne stating that my order shipped! "WOW! I ordered on the 21st and it's already shipping!" I thought to myself. And guess what? Nothing! Well, not really "nothing," but no Treo. I've got a cool case, stereo adapter, and USB laptop sync cable on the way though. Where can I get that paper model that WeeBit had back in September or so? I'll just carry that around and slip my $50 Nokia interim phone inside it and almost look cool... I had to put my 180 down like Old Yeller because it was causing more trouble than it was worth. Anyway, not a lot to offer, but if anyone wants to turn this into another status update thread feel free! I believe Felipe ordered on the 18th - so when his ships I'll feel a little better. That's my piece, I'll just go back to moping around now...
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    I ordered on 11/23 and I too got the same email. Also, today the status on my order has changed from "Awaiting Shipment" to "Partially Shipped" and ofcourse the Treo 600 is "Back Ordered". although I will be getting my 'Stereo Headphone Adapter' by tomorrow duly shipped overnight.

    The following is from the said email:
    " We're pleased to let you know that your order has been shipped. We appreciate your business and hope you visit our site again soon to see the latest products.

    The following items HAVE BEEN SHIPPED to date:
    Treo Stereo Headphone Adapter
    (3160WW ) 1 @ $ 5.99

    Item SubTotal: $ 5.99
    Shipping and Handling: $ 14.50
    Tax*: $ 0.36
    Duty**: $ 0.00
    Total Charged to Date: $ 20.85

    The following items are STILL OUTSTANDING on your order:
    Treo 600 with USB cable - Cingular Wireless".

    Are a bunch of morons running this company or what? $14.50 shipping charge for an item costing $6.35 including tax and that too for something I have absolutely no use for without the phone. Also if the phone is not delivered to my friend by the 15th, it will be of no use to me since it won't be able to get to me here in India since my friend leaves from the US on the 16th to travel to India.

    By the way, has anyone called Handspring and asked about these 'partial shipments' and 'Back Ordered' situation?
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    What the heck am I going to do with a stupid stereo headset adapter without the T600? It can't be a good sign that they would waste the shipping cost on accessories.
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    Yeah, same here. I saw the email and got all excited -- WOO HOO! Treo before Xmas! -- and it was just a notice that they are shipping my stereo headset.

    Big deal. Why the hell would I want the headset without the Treo???

    Why is the Treo backordered, anyway? I placed my order in early November... I am amazed how long this is taking.

    I will call Handspring tomorrow to see what's going on.


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    See, now that doesn't make any sense. Because I ordered 11/24 and I got the shipping email with tracking number. I didn't order any accessories or cell service.
    I didn't expect Handspring to ship for another month and I bought one off of ebay which just shipped today as well.
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    I can't remember, but wasn't there a checkbox as to whether a partial order would ship? Oh well maybe that was another order I made recently. What sucks most is getting two overnight shipping charges.
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    To add further insult to injury, I just received another email titled
    "IMPORTANT: Getting started with your new Treo
    Dear Sanjay,

    Welcome to the Treo family. We want to tell you a few things to get up and running with your new Treo smartphone."
    making it sound as if I will be getting the phone right away.
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    Originally posted by potatoho
    I can't remember, but wasn't there a checkbox as to whether a partial order would ship? Oh well maybe that was another order I made recently. What sucks most is getting two overnight shipping charges.
    You shouldn't get charged twice for overnight shipping if they do partial shipment.

    Some accessories may be subject to additional delays. These items will be shipped separately at no extra shipping cost to you
    from this page:
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    Well, the shipment has arrived. Now I get to be even more pissed off as I await the phone! At least I have something that is completely useless to hold me over... or wait, maybe that won't do any good at all. I need a drink.......
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    Yeah, so the order isn't even correct.

    Packing list shows one each of the following:


    Except that there is NO FITTED CASE! Instead? How about a car charger? Sorry guys, but I've got one of those already.

    Funny thing is the Treo will probably still not have shown up by the time I've returned this and received the case.

    Anger and what else leads to the dark side?
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    Anger and what else leads to the dark side?
    Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

    I've been waiting for eBay-purchased Treo to arrive. Just as annoying.

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