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    OK got my Treo 600 yesterday (just arrived in Australia - AU$1299!!! without a carrier plan, which is US$948 - rip off!)

    My previous PDA was a Tungsten|T3, which sync'd to my corporate Outlook 2000 account and included my email inbox.

    However, the Chapura sync software supplied with the T600 is different to Palm's, and does not allow syncing of my email inbox via. USB hotsync. The T600 manual does not even mention it.

    Sorry for the newb question - but anyone help me here?
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    Not sure what the software bundle is like in Australia, but most likely you will need a third party email app like Eudora or something. I use Iambic mail and it has worked well for me so far. Eudora, however, is free.
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    You need to install the Palm Mail application. It can be found in your computer at Program Files -> Palm -> Palm Mail Configuration -> Setup.exe

    Then run the "EmailWiz.exe" program that is also in the "Palm" folder referenced above.

    Finally, right click the hotsync icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen -> Custom -> set it to "synchronize the files" for the Mail option.

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