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    Hi all,

    I'm taking my new T600 on the road with me to DC, and was wondering about cross-compatibility with wall adaptors for the T300 (NOT car adaptors - I read the note that came in the box.)

    I have a Motorola power adaptor that worked great with my T300. It's model number 14-0021-00. It features the folding prongs, so it folds flat in a suitcase. The voltage/amperage ratings are identical to the motorola power supply that came with the T600. The new one lists a pinout of the connector, and the old one doesn't. I'm a little cautious because of the note I got in the box, stating that certain 12V power adaptors for the T300 would fry the T600.

    Anyone else have any info?
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    Well, if no one has tried it yet, I guess I get to be the guinea pig.
    Squeeee squeeee squeee!

    I'll report from the road!
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    I interchange the chargers on a daily basis alternating the 300 and the 600 with no problem. One type in the bag the other on the PC.
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    Thanks! Battery life has been stellar! Shoutcast streaming in the car to the airport, e-mail and 40 minutes of phone calls on my layover in Phoenix, and MP3 playback while playing Argon on both legs of the plane trip. battery is about half used.

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