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    Well, actually only in Sweden according to this report. Also, here's the article from Infosync for those who are not proficient in Swedish.

    So what do ya'll think are good alternative names for the Treo anyway? Lets have some good brainstorming here!
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    How about "THE GREATEST THING EVER MADE!!!" Don't know if they could fit that on the front though.

    Seriously though, I'm not sure about Swedish law, but in the US, two products are allowed to have the same name as long as there is no way they can be confused with each other. For example, there is a sleep drug called "Sonata" which also happens to be the name of a car made by Huyndai.
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    the treo 600 has several capabilities:

    a. 5-way d-pad navigation
    b. wireless downloading
    c. 144mhz processor - good speed
    a. voice command capable
    b. callers assignable to one key
    c. speakerphone

    a. pop3 accounts supported
    b. verichat enhances im capabilities
    c. sms capable
    d. mini-backlit keyboard w multi-functionality

    a. sd expansion slot
    b. infra-red functions
    c. palm os customizable
    d. 32 mb memory
    e. games and business software

    a. picture mail
    b. picture id

    6)mp3 player
    a. personal music organizer

    ok, im winging this, but here are some possiblities:
    potential names :

    1). palmone T600 (leaving out the name "treo")
    my bet is they will use this one! keeping it simple
    2). palmone pento 600
    3). palmone centra 600 ( all your needs centered into 1 device)
    smooth and easy to say... "the centra 600"
    4). palmone prius 600 ( little different, but who knows )
    5). palmone neophone
    6). palmone nexgen
    7). palmone media-phone
    8). palmone mp3 - ( m - email / p (3) - pictures, pda, phone.

    i dont know if i like any of these, but its a start. its tougher than i thought to try coming up with a name which sounds better than the treo.
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    how about the



    the SMARTPDA
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    Originally posted by logmein
    1). palmone T600 (leaving out the name "treo") my bet is they will use this one! keeping it simple
    It's possible but I don't think so. The "T" already has a designation at Palm for the Tungsten line and I'm not sure they'd want to confuse it with the Tungsten W.

    I vote for the palmOne Fusion -or- continuing in the same metallics category as the Tungsten, maybe one of these: the palmOne Cobalt/Platinum/Iridium/Titanium T.

    Incidentally, there is an aluminum out there named "T6". I don't know if anyone has thought about this in the Tungsten context, or if anyone really even cares. Just putting it out there.
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    I like it. concise and smooth. palmone fusion. ok you've got my vote.
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    == "...In other news, palmOne may not sell the TREO line in some
    == Northern European countries due to trademark problems:
    == --
    == If they DO decide to NOT sell the TREO there, this is a STRONG
    == clue to those of us interested in the financial side on the
    == extent of sales they would have had anyway AND a possible
    == clue to the longevity - or lack thereof - of the TREO line..."


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    half-baked comment, seldom. typical for the purple treo doom bunch. as far as longevity, seldom, have you read the reviews by cnet and company? hardly the type of review you'd expect to get on a model with a longevity issue. stupid assumption. but you pocketpc'ers are desperate aren't ya? giggle, giggle. try again. so far, im laughing at ya.
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    Glowing reviews are standard stuff for just about the entire TREO line (except maybe the DOA TREO 90). Unfortunately, they haven't yet translated into sales. That's the problem with glowing reviews about products that only those who get them free (the reviewers) and the rich will buy.


    But to get BACK on topic for this particular thread - if palmOne indeed decides to NOT sell TREOs in those Northern European countries, then it is 100% certain (that is - ZERO doubt) that palmOne decided it was not a financially justifiable thing to do - that is, it is a DIRECT reflection on the number of TREO 600s they expected to sell there.

    Whether you like that little fact or not, that's simply the way reality works.
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    OftenVisitor = Thread Hijacker
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    I do agree that hanspring is or was in financial dire straits. the fact that there are so many order delays makes it obvious that they
    have bad credit with their distributors. granted.
    however, now that palm has acquired them, their financial
    issues may not be in the trenches as they once were.
    if handspring were unacquired today, I would agree that the treo's longevity was in trouble.
    but since they are palmone and
    there is rabid demand for the treo, esp around christmas time,
    with the possiblity of upgraded versions via palmone, I have to
    the treo, once made affordable
    with better features, will become
    a staple in the market.
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    Dear d-etc,

    Poor kookums.

    Do your personal attacks make you feel better?

    Do you feel like you're a Bigger Man because of your ability to mimic someone ELSE's lame modification of an ID Yet a-GAIN?

    Does it make you feel warm and fuzzy to denigrate another person - repeatedly?

    Do you think "your" crowd now looks better upon you because you can anonymously attack another person with such sharp wit?

    Poor kookums.

    You'll learn one day.

    No kidding.
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    Handspring was in very bad financial condition; unfortunately palmOne is not in much better condition.

    I think palmOne has a MUCH better handle on what will sell out there - what is a VIABLE Cool Product - and may be able to pull off SOMETHING if they can last long enough. For cost purposes - that is, to get their Next Cool Device down in price so Ma-n-Pa will buy it - I think they'll remain in a NONconverged orientation.

    But this is all a deviation from the thread topic - palmOne deciding or not to sell TREO 600s in a couple Northern European countries because of costs and ROI.
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    Mods, please close this thread. Our resident purple troll is trying to pick a fight in order to get attention.
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    the way reality works is this way:

    palmone may have trouble distributing the treo there due only to trademark issues my friend. not bc of financial prospects. lol
    there is another european product under the same name as the treo, so they will have to change the treo's name or not sell them there. THIS IS WHY THEY MAY NOT SELL THEM. its not bc they don't think they will sell well. lol. you are funny.
    So once again, I have to laugh at the purple crew and their 'twists on reality.' their views on things remind me of a one mr. nash in a beautiful mind. educated, but distorted. amusing, though.
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    No, perhaps my response wasn't clear.

    The reason palmOne would NOT sell TREOs in those countries is because that is the most cost-effective approach to the trademark problem (BTW - it's a Pfizer drug name conflict!).

    If it were cost-effective, they would contest the trademark conflict.

    Or if it were cost-effective, they would change the TREO brandname for those countries.

    Or if no alternative is cost-effective, they would decide to simply not sell in those countries.

    That's what I meant.

    And THAT is a DIRECT reflection on how many sales (how "cost effective" it would be) palmOne expects in those countries.


    BTW - I'm not a PC PDA fan - if anything I would be a Zaurus fan, however I don't personally find any PDA-like device to be very useful (have a PALM PDA - cost $300+ - it's in a drawer somewhere without any batteries in it - totally useless to me - desktop, laptop, cheap cellphone, I'm a Happy Camper (aside - the idea of bluetooth connectivity WHEN I WANT IT interests me a lot - I could see a bluetooth-enabled cellphone having all SORTS of desireable features - but that's meat for another thread somewhere else)).


    You seem to flip flop from a reasonable response to a personal attack and back again - stick with the reasonable responses - they mean something.
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    Glowing reviews are standard stuff for just about the entire TREO line (except maybe the DOA TREO 90).
    What does this mean exactly? I thought the 90 got great reviews as well. (And I just bought one for my wife!)
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    From all appearances Handspring produced a single run of TREO 90s (after the original screen disaster they shared with the TREO 270) then dropped production of it and, eventually, bulk-sold the inventory they had left - it had the shortest lifetime of any of the TREOs.
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    From all appearances Handspring produced a single run of TREO 90s (after the original screen disaster they shared with the TREO 270) then dropped production of it and, eventually, bulk-sold the inventory they had left - it had the shortest lifetime of any of the TREOs.
    I usually don't get involved in this silly disgruntled ex-employee nonsense (BTW, please grow up and get that chip off your shoulder because it's starting to wear on everyone), but WHO CARES ABOUT PALMONE/HANDSPRING'S FINANCIALS!!! At least that's not why this thread was created. If someone has a bone to pick with palmOne or Handspring, please start a new thread.

    Thank you.

    (I'll be sure to unsubscribe to this thread so that I don't have to hear an annoying response)
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    (BTW - it's a Pfizer drug name conflict!).
    That's ridiculous. I haven't read anything about it, but I don't see how there can be any consumer confusion between a drug and a PDA/Phone.

    Damn lawyers.

    Then again, I don't know trademark law outside of the US.
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