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    I've searched for this a bit and can't find what I need.

    Is there a thread or a website somewhere that lists a bunch of TREO 600 applications AND what the application does?
    If not, is anyone interested in putting one together?

    I just got me 600 and I need to load it up with goodies, but I don't know what most of the applications that get mentioned on this board do. Where should I look?

    Thanks for the help.
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    Anyone got any help here? SURELY there's a list somewhere...
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    The following alphabetical list contains a few of my favorite software for my Treo600. The descriptions are those provided by the developers/vendors.

    Audible - Listen to audio books, magazines, etc.

    BackupBuddy and BackupBuddyVFS - While your Palm(R) applications automatically back up every time you perform a HotSync(R) operation, this may not be true for every third party application you've loaded onto to your Palm organizer. Back up Buddy ensures that all of your data is backed up the next time you press the HotSync button and will quickly back up every application, not just the Address Book, Date Book, Memo Pad, To Do list, Expense and Mail. So in the event that you lose your Palm organizer, the batteries fail, or a third party application crashes your organizer, every bit of your personal and professional information will be safely archived on your desktop, making restoring your organizer as easy as dropping it in the cradle and pressing the HotSync button. Yes, it really is that easy! In addition to being a snap to install and highly customizeable, BackupBuddy also sports a cool, easy-to-view display of the back up status in progress, and is even able to back up applications put in FlashROM by products such as TRG FlashBuilder and TRG FlashPro! Finally, BackupBuddy is the only Palm Platinum Certified backup utility available for the Palm Platform. Support for backup of VFS volumes when "Backup Expansion Cards" is selected (note: requires the installation of the CardSync.prc enabler to function). (Windows version only.) TimeSync is now DST aware (note: you should choose to reinstall the TimeSync.PRC Palm application when running the installer.) Includes new BackupBuddyVFS with support for encrypted backups.

    Bob's Alarm - Bob's alarm provides a large numeral clock with multiple alarms / timers / stopwatches. AM/PM or 24-hour display. Local day / date display. Home time and date display. High-resolution graphics are supported.

    Chatter - Chatter is a powerful communication tool for the Treo 600 that seamlessly integrates instant messaging (Yahoo, ICQ, Microsoft, and AOL messengers) with email (true "push" eMail via IMAP and email sending via SMTP). All network communication in Chatter is done asynchronously, meaning that instant messages and email are being received and sent "in the background", so there's no waiting for connections to be made or messages to be delivered. Chatter works while you're actually "in" Chatter or in other Treo applications; while your Treo is "awake" and while it is "sleeping".

    Directory Assistant v2.01 - This application replaces the 555-1212 PQA app freely available on the web. This application is written to take advantage of the Kyocera 6035 and Handspring Treo Smartphones' ability to dial phone numbers from the results of your residential or business directory queries, though most of the applications features will work on any standard wireless equipped palm device.

    FileZ - Filez is an easy to use file manager for the Palm OS. Filez gives you full access to view, edit, copy, move, delete, and beam any file on your handheld all through a simple and clean interface. It can be used for any purpose, such as organizing your files, or setting which ones should get backed up.

    Jot - Jot is the recognizer that lets you write naturally using standard upper and lowercase printed letters. You don't need to shift to get capitals letters or punctuation marks. You can write in the Graffiti input area or better yet, write directly on the Palm organizer screen. For the beginner, you can see the ink on the screen as you write.

    KeyCaps600 - KeyCaps600 allows you to easily capitalize letters or use punctuation without using the shift or option keys on a Handspring Treo 600.

    LauncherX v1.1 - Manage and organize your applications with a simple drag-drop action. Quick access to common functions using "Gadget" toolbar. Manage your applications on your memory card. Browse your memory card and rename/copy/delete files and folders. Configure the look and behaviour of your UI with Active Skins. 5-way navigation was added 12-7-2003 in version 1.1.

    MinutesPLUS 1.03 - Minutes PLUS is a powerful tool to monitor and estimate phone usage and provide useful calling pattern statistics. Users familiar with the previous version called Minute Counter will recognize some features, but Minutes PLUS has so much more!

    Palm Reader- Palm Reader is an intuitive and powerful program for viewing electronic books (eBooks) available from Palm Digital Media and other web sites. Unlike other eBook readers, the Palm Reader shows text one page at a time as paper books do.

    Pocket Tunes Deluxe v2.1
    - Pocket Tunes turns your Palm OS 5 device into a portable audio player! Play compressed audio files (MP3 or Ogg Vorbis) or uncompressed WAV files from a flash memory card. (Supported devices include: Palm Zire 71, Tungsten T/T2/T3, Tungsten C, Tungsten E, Handspring Treo 600, Garmin iQue 3600, Sony CLIÉ UX40/UX50. Some Sony PalmOS 5 devices are not supported due to Sony's decision not to support the standard audio API.) This is the Deluxe version of Pocket Tunes. It includes all the Pocket Tunes features, including crossfade, gapless playback, ShoutCast streaming audio, and bookmarks. You can also try out the Basic Version.

    - Quick office allows Palm OS handheld users direct access to native Microsoft Office (Microsoft® Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) email attachments and native office files saved to removable memory expansion cards.

    ScreenShot5 v2.1
    - ScreenShot is the easy way to capture Palm screens and convert them to standard bitmap files anywhere, anytime. ScreenShot works with all Palm OS 5 compatible handhelds and in all color modes and screen sizes

    - An awarding-winning wireless email app that shoehorns TRUE attachment support onto your or smartphone! SnapperMail is powerful yet stunningly elegant and easy to use. Standard Edition comes with JpegWatch Lite (Jpeg image viewer.) HandZipper Lite (Zip file viewer/creator.) DiddleBug (Supports sending handwritten notes.) A 14-day trial of
    Quickoffice Premier (Opens Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

    - SplashID is a personal identification organizer for Palm OS handhelds that safely and securely stores all of your personal identification information including user names, passwords, credit cards, calling cards, bank accounts, PINs, and more.

    - SplashPhoto turns your Palm OS handheld into a mobile digital picture frame. Simply edit and organize your favorite images with the included desktop software then sync with your handheld to view images on the go. Simple, fast, high quality image viewer. Desktop image catalog lets you edit, organize and sync images with your handheld. Supports standard (160x160), Hi-Res (320x320) & Hi-Res+ (320x480) displays. Install JPEG images to internal or external memory, saving precious memory. Organize images using an unlimited number of categories. Send images to other mobile devices via infrared, Bluetooth, SMS, or email. View images in a Slideshow. Pan and Zoom on the handheld.

    TAKEphONE 5.05
    - Find/Create/Edit Address Book records quickly and easily! No-stylus ("one-hand" or "finger") operation! Dial phone numbers using cellular/Kyocera 6035+7135/Samsung SPH-I3x0/Handspring Treo/VisorPhone/Other devices!TAKEphONE is a wrapper for the Palm OS address book application, designed to enhance and simplify the most common tasks -- finding phone numbers and creating/editing contacts. These tasks can be done without the use of a stylus, with just a few taps on the screen.
    TAKEphONE also enables making phone calls to numbers from your address book using one of different types of devices.

    - Textras is a an essential tool for those who do a lot of text entry on their Palm devices. Textras allows you to define a list of abbreviations or commonly misspelled words that will be automatically replaced with the expanded text or correct spelling when entered into any text field. For instance, you can set up Textras to automatically replace 'recieve' with 'receive' or to replace your initials with your full name. Textras also fixes common typing errors that may occur when using a keyboard for text entry, such as DOuble INitial CApitals, double spaces between words, or irregular spacing between sentences. Textras is compatible with Graffiti and all keyboards. Palm OS 5.0 or newer is required to run Textras.

    - This application adds the ability of Mobile Originated SMS (MO-SMS) to your Sprint Phone. In addition it also lets you send emails via SMS.

    TreoAlert Manager
    - Are you a Handspring Treo Palm Phone user trying to use this PalmPhone as a replacement for a pager. If so, you may miss the "nag" ability of most pagers that do not just alert you once about a incoming page, but repeatedly nag you (if you want) until you acknowledge the page. You have surely been surprised by turning on the display of the Treo from standby mode and discovering that you have a missed call, unheard voicemail or an unread message which you missed because the unit went on standby before you saw the alert. TreoAlertMgr allows you to completely control how and when your phone alerts you about missed calls, unheard voicemail and unread text messages and pages. You can have the system play a sound, vibrate and/or flash the screen periodically when you have unheard voicemail or unread pages/text messages.

    - This product does the following for the Handspring Treo 600: Turns on the phone after a reset. Turns on the phone at a specified time each day. Turns off the phone at a specified time each day.

    - Automatically removes duplicate entries from the Date Book, Address Book, Memo Pad, and To Do List (or the Franklin TaskList, if present). If you've ever ended up with all the contents of your Palm duplicated or even worse, this is a lifesaver!

    Uninstall Manager v2.46
    - Uninstall Manager saves valuable memory (RAM and Card) space while keeping your device clean and trouble-free REQUIRES PALM OS 5 For Palm

    Volume Rocker
    - VolumeRocker is designed to make the Treo 600 more useful in several ways. First, it lets you use the “volume” buttons as scroll buttons. Second, it lets you use the volume buttons to imitate the Clie “Jog” and “Back” buttons. Third is lets the Treo 5-way navigator imitate the Tungsten T 5-way navigator. Finally, it lets you switch between using the 5-way navigator “normally” and to navigate and tap contols and buttons in programs that don’t use the “navigate” feature.

    Have fun software shopping!
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    Great info, norpah. I appreciate it.
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    I just searched for "best applications" and came up with this great thread:

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