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    I am having trouble setting up windows 2000 to be a VPN server, so I can connect to it with Mergic VPN from my 600.

    I followed these instructions:

    but it makes an icon that wants to connect to something, compared to 'waiting' for another connection.

    Also, I put the ip address that I found in my treo under network preferences, - not sure if that was correct.

    Anyone who has successfully done this, please reply!

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    Well I'm not sure how your PC is connected to the internet, but if it is with a broadband connection that is connected to a router, you have to open up certain ports on the router to allow the traffic to pass through. If you don't have a router, you just enter the WAN IP of your PC's net connection into Mergic and you should be ready to go. If you are not sure of your WAN IP, go to and it will tell you. the Mergic website has some useful info on this actually.

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