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    I was using the utility Kbtracker (it keeps tabs on data in and out so you know how much air time via GPRS you are going to be charged for) with the Treo 270, but it does not work with the Treo 600. Does anyone know of another utility program that does the same and will wok with the 600 ? Thanks, from Perth, Western Australia
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    I also used KBtracker on my Treo300 in the past, but its not compatible with the Treo600. I recall reading though that PDAapps was working on a Treo600 version and should release one shortly...

    However, I'ld like to find an alternative solution as well (and hopefullly free)...
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    Yep... I'm after the same thing for my Treo 600. Post if you find something please. I would like to dive into GPRS knowing just how deep I am going!

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