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    This guy says free:


    What say you?
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    This guy says free:


    What say you?
    Haven't seen a post from you lately ... didn't know if you joined the purple brothers in the sky

    Anyway, I seem to remember that Orange was offering the Treo 600 for free when it was first offered in Europe for a certain plan/price point.

    I'm sure there is a thread somewhere on this board that references it ...

    I don't see US carriers offering the Treo 600 for free unles you sign some loooonnng contract, but probably not anytime soon. Heck, Sprint still offers the Treo 300 for $399

    That's about all I seem to remember.
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    Better Oxymoron = Rap Music

    You'll see them free with two year contract by the end of 2004.
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    But I think the two yr contract is too short ... but a few posts I've read over the past few days really seems like deja vu all over again!

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