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    I had ordered the Itrek GPS unit over the weekend and the order status showed 'ON HOLD' today. I called and was informed that they have received feedback of incompatibility of the connector (causing hard resets). They wanted to get their hands on a 600 to confirm whether there was a problem.

    This sounds like it may be the same issue with some sync and charge, and 12 volt cables.

    They said they would send an email to all those who had ordered regarding the outcome.
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    don't feel bad. The igolf unit is also delayed so far for 3 weeks. I ordered it expressly for a trip at the end of the year so lets see what happens. If it is not available then it would then be about 6 weeks late! take care, Jay
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    I too have my order on hold through Semson. The e-mail I received last weekend from them said it was out of stock for about a week. I wonder if it was out of stock or under re-design???

    I chose the serial port unit versus the SDIO card assuming that the reception will be much better in my car on the dash board rather than in the SD slot in my phone under the dash. I hope I'm right, for the Igolf looks very tempting!
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    yes the igolf looks tempting but right now it is not here, which is where I want it to be!
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    I ordered an iTrek from Semsons today and the status web site says, "On Hold." What was the outcome of the orders made in December?
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    Howdy all.

    I have the i.Trek and it works great. No problems at all with resets... It's really a very slick add to the already pretty amazing T600.

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