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    So does anyone know if myWorkbench has encryption cababilities, or scheduling options? I couldn't tell from the website.
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    I really like the backupman and bluesync combo but bluesync is PC only

    Anyone have experience or suggestions on this...

    (eagerly awaiting my delivery of my Treo600 on the 15th)
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    BackupBuddy and BackupBuddy:vfs from Since I've already been using backupbuddy on a PC with my Palm 505 I know it works. It appears that I may be able to get the Mac version and vfs product (backs up PalmOS device to an SD card) for free.

    What isn't yet quite clear from bluenomad's site is whether the backup of the SD card to the Mac desktop will work, this one feature may be windows only.

    Still researching...

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