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    For the last few days I have been bombarded with SMS notifications. When i open them all Iget is uninteligable crap. from an unknown sender. I wonder if this is a pecursor to Sprint offering there SMS service or something else. Anyone else seeing this?
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    waltndi, did you used to have Sprint BizConn installed on your phone? Or did you just recently sign up with Sprint and get a new phone number with them?
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    I had a treo 300 with Biz con for about a year. Lid broke and started with a 600 about a month ago. I have always used biz con. I did have some problems with BC right after I started with the new 600, but info on the forums helped me out. The SMS's seem to have stopped for now.
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    I also just started getting SMS gibberish on my T600. Using the BC software as well.
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    marty1781: Try this -- when you go into the Settings page of the Web UI for BizConn, go to the module called "Devices". When you look in there, do you have more than one phone registered for the service? If so, delete the one which is not your active phone....
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    Thanks for the tip but unfortunately it did not work. I only have one device listed in the "devices" category.
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    hmm, well I believe I read another post (which I can't find now) saying that you can call Sprint support, tell them your number, and they can clear up the random SMS gibberish....
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    those //sv messages are the BC triggers - unless you remove your device as being Active, from the BC service, via the Settings page, you'll likely keep getting them.
    You could remove the BC app from your PC, and that will also likely stop them (unless you actually WANT to keep the BC app, in which case I don't know what else to contribute here).
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    just to bump this conversation, i'm getting the same sms garbage.

    sprint, with business connection, treo 600
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    waltndi - See the thread from a few days ago where I posted some diagnostic tips... you could be in the situation where your device is listed multiple times....

    It seems off though that it would just start occurring.

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