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    Wanted to ask for some accessories for Christmas However, don't know the difference between some of the brands, perhaps you guys can help.

    Looking to use the Treo to listen to music at work, since we can't have radios and our PC's don't have sound cards, so I figure an SD card would be a good buy, plus a good set of headphones (or earbuds). Need the headphones/earbuds to be able to answer the phone too, I don't want to carry two sets.

    Lots of discussion on cases, somebody had once pointed out a place to get custom-designed ones....couldn't find it by searching the forum (maybe I didn't look hard enough).

    Lastly, do they make the screen protectors, those Saran-Wrap-esque films that help guard against scratching, for the 600 yet? Can't seem to find them listed anywhere, or at Best Buy either.

    So, we're looking for a good buy and brand on SD card, case, headset, and screen protector. And what program should I use for the music?

    Thanks, everyone, enjoy the holidays!
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