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    THis might be a big off topic, but it directly reflects Sprint Business Connection and the T600.

    I have an issue mainly with BC because it makes you have to rely on Outlook to retrieve email before it will let you retrive email on your T600. However if Outlook locks up for some reason in the automatic "Send/recieve" it will hold up BC from working at all.

    Often times my outlook will lock up during send and recieve for essentially no reason at all. Prompting me for my Comcast Email password. As soon as I click OK, it goes on its merry way finding email. However this is an issue if your not home and expecting BC to be pushing email to the T600. This bacially makes BC useless.

    Does this happen to anyone else? Can you help? Is it a wrong setting somwhere? My send and recieve is checking for email only every 15 minutes.

    Thanks in advance

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    I have my Outlook set to check my email every 2 minutes and no problems at all (one of the accounts it checks is a Comcast one too). I have rarely experienced the problem you are describing though and from what I can tell, the problem seems to occur during peak times. Try increasing the server timeout setting in the Comcast account properties in Outlook and see if that helps any.

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