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    anyone looked at this? webtogo combines a web browser with email capability! this looks fantastic!
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    That sounded insteresting. I did a search and found their website. My first question was, would it handle Javascript like Blazer does? (To me that's a must have feature and one of the main reasons why I upgraded to the Treo 600). Well, here's what the manual says:

    "While our optimization server does a good job reformatting most websites for your pda screen,
    there is some content that is inherently unsuitable for mobile devices. Specifically this is the
    case for websites using Java Applets or Flash. Flash is typically used for animations, while Java
    Applets are applications intended to execute on the client. Both are very wasteful of system
    resources and therefore not easily transposed on handheld devices - our server will typically
    filter out such content. Well-designed modern web-sites will avoid these technologies, as
    executing logic on the client rather than the server is not wise practice."

    So, it's not for me. But thanks for sharing that logmein.
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    Java Applets are not Javascript.

    But, I do not know if WebToGo will handle Javascript.

    Remember: Java is not the same as Javascript!
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    beergeek is correct. Thanks for clarifying that!

    By the way, I didn't see any reference to Javascript on the manual either.

    Also, I was dumb to post that too quickly! So here's a quick reference for the future:


    "JavaScript is text-based. You write it to an HTML document and it is run through a browser. You can alter it after it runs and run it again and again. Once the Java is compiled, it is set. Sure, you can go back to the original text and alter it, but then you need to compile again.

    Java applets run independent of the HTML document that is calling for them. Sure, they appear on the page, but the HTML document did little more than call for the application and place it. If the programmer allows it, oftentimes parameters can be set by the HTML document"

    By the way, any updates on a new version of Xiino? It seems something is going on but only on their Japanese page

    To me that was a good alternative to Blazer on the Treo 300.
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    thank you for your info ismenio, I hadn't checked into webtogo that thoroughly.
    it looks as if webtogo wouldn't
    be nearly as capable as blazer 3.0.
    i could be wrong.
    it sounded like a great idea to blend a browser with email capabilities.
    maybe this will be the premise behind blazer 4.0 in the next treo line. exciting possibility!!!
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    forgot to include above-
    I don't know of any plans of a xiino upgrade. I would love to hear of one since I thought it was great on the treo 300.

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