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    I'm using a FlashLInk AllinOne SimpleTech reader (reads SD, MMC, CF, & SM). It could be where the files get corrupted. I formatted w/the Treo and the SD look fine. Copied over some mp3's and the files themselves where corrupted... Tried to play them thru pTunes and just get squeeks and Hi tones... I'll try a different reader tomorrow from a coworker and see what happens then.

    Oh, this also happend with a 128 FujuFilm SD card too.

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    I killed my first Sandisk Ultra II 256MB today. I got it about a week ago and used it both in the Treo and in my PC using a "CE" brand SD/MMC reader. On one occasion, I had to reformat the card immediately after swapping it between the Treo and the PC.

    Today, I pulled the functioning card from my Treo and plugged the reader into my PC. Windows recognized it but failed to mount it as a drive. The Treo recognized it (and I got valid info from CardInfo), but told me it was unformatted and formatting attempts failed. So now I'm on #2...

    Though there is some question about the quality of Sandisk cards, the moral of the story after reading previous posts seems to be: Don't use cheap card readers.
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    So far, I have no problem with my Sandisk 256Meg and I have been using it for over a month now. I don't use any other card reader.
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    On the file corruptions people are mentioning, I ran into something interesting the other day. After finally breaking down and buying pTunes, I ripped a couple of my CDs into MP3. These are import Japanese CDs so the filenames weren't exactly 8.3 DOS structure. XP seemed like it was using a different font for them (different for the regular letters mixed in with the kanji).

    Anyway, I copied the tracks to my SanDisk 256MB SD card via a Dazzle 8-in-1. pTunes refused to recognize the files, although my non-MP3s were fine.

    The long and short of it: I renamed the files on the PC to standard names, even going so far as to remove any spaces in the filenames. Re-copied to the SD card and all is well.

    BTW, that SofTick product looks cool. I'm sure I'll buy it if they announce T600 support.
    - Fushigi
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    Have no problems with Sandisk 256, 512.

    Never had a problem with their cards in my phone, cameras, and I have almost a dozen, not one failure yet.
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    Check this out...
    I am still using the same 256 SanDisk SD card but I ended up buying two new card readers. One a USB stand alone, Dazzle, and the other is a PCICMA SD card reader. No problems at all now! I have to assume it was the old card readers I was using that was corrupting the SD cards... That sucked.

    So if you are still having problems try a more "recently made" card reader. If that makes sense
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