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    I have a SE T616 and just got the Treo 600. I put in the SIM card from the T616 and it gave me a signal and coverage. However, I cannot see any of my contacts from the card. Should this be working this way?

    Also, I have an MMODE data plan with my T616, when I use the Web on my Treo 600, will this be applied to MMODE or the Mobile Internet plan?
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    I, too, have a SE T616 and it seems like the default is to store numbers on the internal memory, not the SIM card. If you want to copy all of the numbers to your SIM card, I think you would need to do the following:

    1. Go to Phonebook
    2. Scroll down to Advanced
    3. Scroll down to Copy to SIM
    4. Voila!

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