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    I have a couple of theories on the Tmobile situation

    Theory #1
    Tmobile went first on the original Treo release so maybe they have to go last on this one. Each vendor then gets a 3 week period. Based on this it should be out after the AT&T period expires.

    Theory #2
    Tmobile has been dumped. Someone suggested this in another thread but I really don't believe it. Remember that Tmobile sells products and service all over the world. Why would Handspring/Palm give up on their ticket to the rest of the world? I don't buy it.

    Theory #3
    AT&T and Cingular have both launched new Edge networks. I find it odd that Tmobile has had no news about this. A rep at AT&T told me there would be a new Treo for their Edge network. I wonder if Tmobile is planning their new high speed network to correspond with a new Treo to support it? Maybe I'm just dreaming....

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    T-Mobile was a relatively minor player - Sprint was the co-developer of the TREO, in essence. I'm not sure where this T-Mobile crap came from but it certainly has little root in reality.

    Theory #4
    T-Mobile hasn't been dumped - they dumped. Big difference.
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    Sprint was the co-developer of the TREO
    Huh? Please elaborate with excruciating detail.
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    No problem!

    Here ya go:

    == "...Our relationship with Sprint is particularly important to the
    == success of our Treo communicator line. In March 2002, we
    == announced an agreement to work with Sprint to develop a
    == new CDMA version of the Treo communicator..."


    == "...Our Treo products represented 70% of net revenue for the
    == first quarter of fiscal 2003 or $37.6 million, with revenues from
    == Sprint accounting for a significant portion of this amount..."


    == "...Our relationship with Sprint is particularly important to the
    == success of our business..."


    They have zero words (and never have had) about T-Mobile of the same nature.

    (No, that means I can't supply a quote and a link to where they don't mention T-Mobile!)

    (and please note - IMHO, these words about Sprint WERE valid for almost the entire existence of the original TREO line but I personally believe that Sprint is no longer what was originally defined as a "Tier One Carrier" and is THE reason the definition of "Tier One Carrier" was changed! That is, "Tier One Carrier" ORIGINALLY USED to mean:

    == A carrier who is a partner (i.e., provides bucks up front) in
    == development

    and now means

    == A carrier we deal with directly

    Kinda a big change...)

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